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Highland Oil / Water Separators

Hopewell is proud to offer a full line of Oil / Water Separators. For further information about our products, click on any of the links shown.

Rectangular Oil / Water Separators

Highland Rectangular Separators are designed for the removal of free floating oil, grease, and settleable oily coated solids from oil-water mixtures. These separators incorporate Highland's patented means of primary separation and meet or exceed federal, state, and local oil and grease discharge limitation requirements.

Activated Carbon Filtration System

Highland R-HTC Oil / Water Separators equipped with Model AC activated carbon filtration systems are used in applications where strict water quality discharges are mandated. This convenient, compact, modular system is designed for low-flow waste water treatment applications.

Below-Grade Oil / Water Separators

Highland Oil / Water Separators help industries comply with oil and grease discharge regulations! Designed to remove oils with a specific gravity less than .95, high performance separators from 15 PPM oil / grease discharge (Model HT) down to 10 PPM discharge (Model HTC) are available. Flows to 5,000 GPM are available.


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