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BaySaver Stormwater Separation System

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How it works
When rain falls on an impervious surface, the runoff carries with it the oils, floatables (trash and debris) and sediments that have built up since the last storm.

The BaySaver Stormwater Separation System is designed to treat throughout an entire storm, not just the first flush.

To treat the entire storm, the BaySaver Separator System matches the treatment flow rate and path to the incoming flow rate. During the first flush, the BaySaver treats the entire volume of influent water through both manholes in series. As flow rates increase, the BaySaver enters into maximum treatment flow. During this phase, the BaySaver diverts water containing free oils, fine sediments, and floatables, to the storage manhole for secondary treatment while the primary manhole treats and cleans the remaining flow. During peak design flow, gravity removes large suspended solids in the primary manhole. A portion of the flow passes through the storage manhole for further treatment. Portions in both manholes pass straight through the system thus avoiding resuspension of materials previously collected. This direct flow path for a portion of the water assures that the BaySaver will not back up the overall piping system.

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